Thursday, August 18, 2011

More From the Capital

Along the line of thinking from the last post, this one is about using Nature as an industry, through Environmentalism.

Environmentalism - America's best friend?

Our country was founded through industrialism, and it's our heart and soul. But with the outsourcing of so many industries, who are we today? What makes us strong? Again, I think we need to look to Nature.

Supporting our government through the environment

I know we are still young in this industry, and the rewards are a ways off. But I think we need to keep to this path, despite the wars, despite the economy. By developing technologies that create energy from the environment without depleting it (i.e., solar energy), we can create a place that is more in tune with Nature. And more aligned to ourselves.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There Will Always Be Flowers

This post started with me going through a sketchbook from this past Spring and finding some drawings I had wanted to blog about. I was visiting some friends in DC and spent one morning drawing around the Capital. The cherry blossoms were on their way out, but spring was in full bloom on the Mall, and I found a bench surrounded by blossoming trees and perky little tulips.


As I started drawing I was struck by how powerful and resilient Nature is, moving along on it’s own cycles, despite how much we try to interfere with them. It was bursting all around me, and made an interesting juxtaposition to the political architecture looming stately above.



The flowers and trees seemed to be watching us, quietly observing our changing culture. And with the ups and downs of our current economic climate, these observers with their bright petals and sturdy branches gave me a sense of security. Nature will thrive, no matter what we are doing.


No matter how crazy or stable our economy is, Nature will live, and it will be there for us. So look to the plump little tulips, and soon changing leaves – they know the truth, and will put our minds at ease.