Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cangelosi Cards at White Heat

Tamar Korn of The Cangelosi Cards

Conjured-up images of torn lace and discarded cigars on a dim winter evening. Balboa movements on wooden floors. Banjo and bass run a musical race; fast and slow through jazzy blue tempo. Thus is the setting of White Heat Night at Dance Manhattan.

The Cangelosi Cards

This night is hard to find. Only known to a small group of swing dancers, it’s a seasoned Lindy Hopper’s dream. No overcrowding like the Frim Fram, and every other week the music is live. Tonight it was The Cangelosi Cards. Mixed jazzy bluegrass folk, from quick tempos to sultry rhythms. The pliant vocals of Tamar Korn wove through strings, harmonica, accordion. Cassidy Holden plucked the bass with a somber mustached face.

Mixed Dancing - Balboa to Lindy Hop

But for dancers, you can't help but smile when you swing. Energy is the thing. A momentum of go, creating sweet Lindy flow.